Here we are with this badass videoclip Écarlate I worked on last month as co-choreographer and talent. It was a real pleasure to be part of this team.  A diverse team with the same desire to highlight this montrealer of Cambodian origins artist, Visrei. Supporting a peer in my community is actually very rewarding.Inspired by the forms of martial art, this video is directed by Yang Shi, and Jean-Guillaume Bastin, produced by Andrew Tchernilevskii and his team of the agency Malinki.

Réalisation : @jgandshi
Producteur : @Andrew
DOP : @guillaumesb
Choreographers: @otgon_5_guilty_pleasures and @chasingcake
Talent #1 : @evelynnyan
Talent #2 : @otgon_5_guilty_pleasures
clothes: @ray.anh.tuan
Assistant robot : @fluidmilk
Cam op : @mirkoloko
1er Assit. cam : @_g_tron
Chef éclairagiste : @vicrenzo
Éclairagiste : @__elihou__
Machino #1 : @lehacher
Machino #2 : Maxime Seguela
Mua #1 : @jesscohen____
Mua #2 : @daphne.cantin
Craft : @ariamarara
Coordo : @le_jeremyleblond